Acoustic Geophysical Key Personnel

Rob Dunn - Managing Director

Rob Dunn serves as Managing Director of AGS, and VP and Director of Seismic Operations for Viking Geophysical Services. Mr. Dunn brings a vast level of experience to AGS, having acquired seismic data in all types of landscape, both land and shallow water based. In his 18 year career he has held positions ranging from operations supervisor to technical manager. Robert has played a pinnacle role in the development, promotion and field testing of new and emerging seismic technologies and was instrumental in the successful launch of wireless acquisition technology in Turkey.

Tom Jones - Vice President, Business Development

Tom Jones joined the Acoustic Geophysical Services team as Vice President of Business Development in October 2008 to further develop the company’s commercial network in the European and Latin American regions. Tom has over 30 years of experience working in the geophysical industry in operational and managerial roles at various domestic and international locations including Asia Pacific, EAME, Latin America, and North America.

Prior to working with AGS, Tom was responsible for Business Development, Project Structuring & Implementation, Operational Budgeting, Financial Control, and Health Safety Environmental Management as a Regional Manager for CGGVeritas.

Imre Molnár - Regional Manager

Imre Molnár joined the Acoustic Geophysical Services team as General Manager in October 2007 to manage and oversee Hungary’s field operations. Prior to joining Acoustic Geophysical Services, Imre held a variety of positions, including QC Controller Field Geophysicist, Party Chief, Programmer, Marketing Geophysicist, HSE Manager and later Technical Manager. He also took part in and managed seismic projects in Austria, Slovakia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Croatia, Tunisia and Hungary, representing all environments for seismic activities, including arctic, moderate and desert climates.

His previous employers include Roland Eötvös Geophysical Institute, Seismograph Services Ltd., GECO-Prakla and GES. Most recently, Imre served as Technical Manager for Geophysical Services Ltd, with responsibility for professional activity of the company.

Imre graduated from the Plehanov Mining University in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1983.

Bartosz Rzeszutko - Operations Supervisor, Poland

Bartosz Rzeszutko joined the Acoustic Geophysical services team in January 2012 as Operations Supervisor to guide the company's Polish operations. Bartosz brings over 12 years of experience, organizing and managing seismic crews in desert and jungle environments, and transition zones.

Prior to joining AGS, Bartosz worked with Geofizyka Torun Poland and advanced his career through various positions including electronics engineer, instrument observer, HSE advisor and project manager. He gained extensive experience working in operational roles on projects in Poland, Germany, India, Iran, Egypt and Syria.

He is an Electronics Engineer, and also obtained an advanced degree from the Warsaw School of Economics. Bartosz has completed numerous HSE trainings and earned his accreditation at Nebosh in 2007.

Ákos Peőcz - Finance Manager, Hungary

Akos Peőcz joined the Acoustic Geophysical Services team as Finance Manager in 2007 to build and manage the finance department of the Hungarian subsidiary in cooperation with the US headquarters, to provide the Hungarian management with reliable financial data and analysis, and to ensure that all the transactions recorded at the company are in line with both US and Hungarian tax and accounting legislations.

Prior to joining Acoustic Geophysical Services, Ákos spent seven years in the accounting services sector with Coca‐Cola Services and Bayerische Motoren Werke Ag, supporting customers in developing and managing their accounting departments.  Ákos received his diploma of economics in 2002 from the College of Modern Business Studies Budapest and his tax advisory license from the Hungarian Ministry of Finance in 2005.



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