The AGS Advantage

Our reputation for operational excellence and a customer-focused philosophy are part of our commitment to deliver the utmost value in quality seismic data acquisition at a competitive price. 


The latest seismic recording equipment is a clear advantage in attaining high production rates and delivering premier imaging results.

We create successful projects with effective planning and the right combination of people and equipment.  

Our innovative solutions meet even the most challenging exploration objective.

The Latest Technologies and Operating Procedures

Survey Access and Quality Control
  • Using state-of-the-art GPS-based tools, surveyors require only minimal access to project land areas
  • An on-board navigational system provides real-time source location verification and improves operational efficiency for the Vibroseis sources as they operate  
Efficient Energy Sources
  • Vibroseis crews use 64,000-pound energy sources to improve the data quality and save time and cost with fewer sweeps and less time at each source point
  • Specialized vehicle tires minimize impact on agricultural lands
  • Man-portable drills reduce or eliminate vehicle access in sensitive areas
  • The use of multiple energy source and receiver types minimizes environmental impact on complex projects
Recording Systems
  • Large production 3D surveys achieve record-setting production with the latest Sercel cable-based systems
  • Cable-free acquisition technology provides access in areas where cable-based systems are unworkable


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Our Projects

Our Projects

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Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

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