Since beginning operations in January of 2008, our crews have become specialists in addressing the wide scope of environments and acquisition challenges in countries throughout Eastern and Central Europe. We operate with the latest seismic technologies and best practices in safety management, to deliver cost-effective high quality seismic data to clients to make timely and informed decisions for their exploration and drilling programs. 

With advance scouting and effective project design, our crew configurations and operational parameters optimally match the terrain and local conditions. 


Examples of our past projects and capabilities:


  • Large and small-scale 2D and 3D reflection surveys
  • High-resolution imaging for a nuclear power site evaluation
  • Gas storage evaluation projects
  • LVL refraction and up-hole surveys
  • VSP surveys


Project Highlights - European Operations



Serbia is the newest region for AGS expansion. The AGS crew began a large-scale 3D seismic acquisition project in Serbia in late 2012, and it is anticipated to continue for several months.  The project capitalizes on the AGS crew experience in similar regions, utilizing the crew's ability to adapt easily to a variety of challenging acquisition circumstances.     


AGS is recognized as a primary seismic contractor in Poland, building a reputation for reliability and timely completion of projects. AGS continues to expand its operations, adding new personnel and equipment to deliver quality data at a competitive price for customers across the region.


The very experienced Hungary-based crew focuses on 2D and 3D surveys with high production and quality imaging, while negotiating villages, farms and forested lands. Setting the record for highest daily VibroSeis production, Hungary operations reflect high customer satisfaction on every project.


Acquiring the first large-scale 3D ever shot in this country, AGS achieved success with rigorous crew and permit management. The use of various energy sources and an innovative survey design helped minimize envirionmental impact for approximately 50,000 landowners representing over 30,000 permits.


Conditions for a 2D dynamite project required use of portable drilling equipment for shot holes. AGS provided flexibility with energy sources and new shooting methodologies for a successful project.


Operations included a challenging mix of urban, rural and protected lands. The crew's extreme adaptability allowed shooting a near-surface high density imaging project for a nuclear power site evaluation. The project required a mix of hydrophones, marsh phones and standard land geophones. Achieving success required efficient management of multiple energy sources including dynamite, VibroSeis, airgun and weight drop.


With challenging terrain and a tight time requirement, this all-VibroSeis project demanded efficient crew utilization and management of shooting procedures to meet the timing requirements of the customer before winter weather moved into the area.


Our client companies include: 

  • San Leon Energy Poland
  • 3Legs Resources
  • Realm Energy
  • Toreador Hungary Ltd
  • Petro Hungaria
  • Magyar Horizon Energia KFT
  • Aurelian Oil and Gas
  • Ministry of Energy Lithuania
  • Direct Petroleum Bulgaria EOOD – TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd



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